The Power of Self-Awareness

Historically, in most societies there is an expectation of ideological conformism in lieu of personal honesty.  The outcome replacing honesty with conformed behavior, is an external appearance of civility laced with an undercurrent (conscious/unconscious) of resentment.

Conformity is the tendency to align our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with those around us. It’s a powerful force that can take the form of overt social pressure or subtler, unconscious influence.

Examples of ideological conformism:

  • We instruct children to apologize to resolve conflicts without teaching accountability or sincerity. 
  • We are taught the value forgiveness without an understand of the process of forgiveness. In additions, religion correlates forgiving with being virtuous.

Proclamations of forgiveness and apologies expressed which are absent of honest self-examination do not promote healing or grow.  Your goal should always be to develop healthy internal and external behavior which will assist in understanding your right and responsibility to forgive and to apologize with honestly.

Being honest with yourself will help you live your life with COURAGE, CLARITY, FREEDOM, and the ability to be SELECTIVE.  

Honestly will guide you to developing a solid SELF-AWARENESS.   A self-aware person operates with clarity and does not allow others to define them and is not emotionally vulnerable to gestures of approval, disapproval, inclusion or rejection.

Know your…

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Motivations
  • Emotions
  • Likes and Dislikes

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